I figured that fishermen usually don’t catch anything anyway, so my kids were getting the typical fishing experience. I have gotten away with my kids fishing without hooks or bait for years. Over the weekend, our friends brought their kids to the cabin, and they can fish. As my kids watched them reel in fish after fish, they noticed something was different about their poles. The next morning bright and early, I was on the dock tying on hooks and teaching them how to put on bait. They now knew a better way. 

Although there were many lessons during these past few months, the slowness of life also revealed a better way. Reminding us of life’s simple pleasures; board games and bike rides, frisbee, and four square. 

As our calendars are beginning to fill again, let’s take some time this holiday weekend to remember the sweetness of the simple. Enjoy a slow morning, catch lightning bugs in the evening, hold your son’s hand as you take a walk. 

The canceling of many big events may leave you without plans for the day. Just like the poles with hooks are a better way to catch fish, appreciating the simple will be a better way to catch moments with the people we love. Give yourself permission to have the Fourth of July look a little bit different this year and catch moments in a new way.


Kirstin Ricketts