God’s plan is trustworthy, and I would choose it over my own. 

It sounds simple, but it’s letting go and taking hold of a different way of life. A friend described it to me this way, giving the example of watching the trapeze at a circus. While someone is swinging on one trapeze, the next trapeze swings towards them, and they grab onto the trapeze that comes near them and release the initial trapeze. This is the offer God gives us. He provides us with the opportunity to live in a new way, but to grasp this new way and swing free, we have to let go of the first trapeze, our initial way of living where we trust ourselves more than we trust God. 

For me, this meant I had to let go of my plans. It’s not that I didn’t trust God, but I didn’t want to choose His way because I thought my way was working out just fine. What if I want things that God doesn’t want for me? I believed the lie that I might like my way better, and although that seems silly when I type it, I wonder if you believe that too.  

If we are going to follow God forever, we have to trust that His plan is better than our own. As I practiced this, it felt like yielding, allowing God to take the lead, and then following Him.  

It’s easier for me to say when life is steady. As we have been delving into health stuff lately, we read through the “maybe’s” online, and although it was painful to get to, once we arrived at the spot of, “Yes, this would be terrible. Yes, life might change, and even if…we still trust God’s plan more than our own.” We had the opportunity for peace. 

It’s in the middle, when we say it through gritted teeth and clenched fists and then through tears, and eventually, as we get to surrender, we let go of our trapeze, grab on to God’s, and let the other one go.

If we live like God’s plan for us is trustworthy, it allows us to plead with Him for leadership and mercy because ultimately, we rest in His care. If we believe that life is more about forever than it is about today, it allows us to rest with the results. If we believe we are who He says we are, it allows us to rest in His promises as His dearly loved children. 

I’ve seen is that God’s plans are so much better than my own, and when I choose to rest in His care rather than striving to write the story, I find yet again, His story is so much better. 

It’s one of those truths that we have to dip our toe in before you can know it to be true, but it’s where the free life begins. When we stop trying to control all of the things, we can let go of our plans and grab onto His story, His plan and purposes. There we can rest, carried and free, because He has got this and He has got us. 


Kirstin Ricketts