I was looking back at pictures of Thanksgiving 2019, exactly twelve months (and a lifetime) ago. Most of us had never Zoomed before, and in 2020 many of us will Zoom Thanksgiving.  

How can you make the most of your Turkey Day on Zoom? 

Here are some tips:

  • Pick a time in advance.  
  • Help your family members download the app earlier in the week. 
  • Send out the code.   
  • Do a practice round before the big day. 

Begin with the kids.  

    • Their attention may be difficult to hold for long.  
    • Give them a prompt to think about in advance, so when their grandparents pop up on the screen, they aren’t trying to run out of the room. 
    • Remind them that this Zoom call may be their grandparents’ entire Thanksgiving celebration. Help them grasp how important the time is.  
    • Brainstorm some things they would want to talk about.   
      • This year I am most grateful for:    
      • The thing I miss most about our typical Thanksgiving is:  
      • (With the exclusion of Covid being in the rearview mirror) My biggest hope for the next year is:  
      • What I appreciate about you, Grandma, is: 
      • Have the kids ask questions of their grandparents or cousins that they would find interesting. What was your mom like on Thanksgiving, Grandpa? What games did you like to play with your cousins?  

Set the adults up for success too. 

    • Have each person share three things that are currently happening in their life. 
    • What do you often forget to be thankful for? 
    • What have you overcome this year, and how did God show up in that time?
    • What are some of your fondest Thanksgiving memories?  

With a little preparation, you can turn your virtual Thanksgiving from a flop to a feast. This Thanksgiving may be strange, but the conversation can still be rich. Who knew Zoom would be something we could be so thankful for. 


Kirstin Ricketts