We are who He says we are. If we believe this to be true, it changes everything. Believing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made changes where we place our worth, how we allow ourselves to be cared for, how we react in social situations. It changes our peace, and how we treat others. 

If He is the vine and we are the branches, then we source everything from Him. We choose to believe we are made just as He created us to be, and we can rest in that truth. We no longer need to place our identity in our doubts and flaws because God made us this way, and He doesn’t mess up. We can choose to trust His purposes. 

My 85-year-old grandmother was with a friend who always dresses nicely, and another friend at their living facility said, “Why do you dress so nice?” Her response was, “Well, I am the daughter of the King.” 

It hit me so sweetly because it’s true, and so as His dearly loved children, we would want to live into that reality. 

We are who He says we are: Dearly Loved Daughters of the King…and that changes everything.


Kirstin Ricketts