As we look at each other’s lives through social media and blog posts, I want to let it be known: 

  • I still have to intentionally fix my eyes on my God. I think we all will until we enter our forever home.  
  • I still have to remind myself of the things that are true about my God who loves me and choose to remember that He does.  
  • I still have to choose to live as if this life is short.
  • I still have to choose to live free.  

It comes easier after a while. Like when we begin to run, the first mile is painful, but as we keep at it, our legs know what to do. My world will still spin if I don’t set my gaze. I will start to build my own kingdom if I don’t place my eyes on His.  

I just want you to know, that if you feel like you are having to choose faith over and over that you are not alone. Life with God is forever a choice. It’s forever choosing not to be blown to and fro by wind. But it’s the best life. It’s worth seeking, and God promises that if we do, we will find Him.

So place yourself in His arms, choose to again and again and He will carry you to completion. Fear will always be louder than faith. Chaos will always be easier to fall into than peace. But these treasures can be found, and we can build our lives upon them with the help of our Maker. 


Kirstin Ricketts