I think it needs to be said out loud, or at least read:

Don’t let fear keep you from laying your life at the feet of the God who dearly loves you. 

As health stuff has crept up on us this fall, a friend in my Bible Study said she was going to read her Bible and then stopped because she didn’t want the bad things that were happening to me to happen to her. Another friend said something similar about her friend, who was committed to their faith and yet experienced some terrible things. 

Even in this health crisis, I know God doesn’t hate me. I know He hasn’t left us. In fact, I believe this is the best plan.  

I believe that we are loved and cherished and held. I believe that God is kind and cares for us, and will keep us safe. 

It reminds me of Jesus in the boat with His disciples in the storm. While Jesus was sleeping in the boat, the disciples panicked over the storm. Jesus says, “Why are you so afraid?” 

It’s good to remember that none of this is surprising to God, and He is not afraid. When we live life with Him, we don’t need to fear either. 

It allows us to walk into the choppy water as His and leave unscathed. It will enable us to be ourselves because we know where our treasure is and what matters. 

In the madness of 2020, I can say, “No one ever cared for me like Jesus.”

While that may seem trite or like something you would find written on a greeting card, we wouldn’t want to miss intimacy with our God because we are scared. It would be a great trick to believe that life will be safer if we don’t follow Jesus. That fear will hold our hearts ransom, and although we may trust Jesus and get to be with Him for eternity, we will miss being with Him right now. Let me say with utmost sincerity: life with Jesus is the life of abundance, even when it looks like your boat is in a storm.  

Because Jesus is everything, it allows us to leave ourselves behind, believing we are who He says we are, and proceed…and that changes everything. 


Kirstin Ricketts