My daughter has a month-long count down until her birthday. Literally, Every. Single. Day for a month.

Last year during her birthday month, we traveled a lot. (Oh, traveling… ) Which meant we ate out many meals, and everywhere we went, she proudly told the waiter, “My birthday is coming up!” To which she somehow scored a gifted birthday dessert every time. The girl was living her best life, which happened to come with a month of free deserts.  

Watching her await her day every year brings me joy. Ella celebrates the anticipation of her birthday, and she does it well!. She tells everyone what is coming.  

This has been a tough year for so many of us, and I have heard people say, “I wish I had something to look forward to.” I think maybe we have all felt like this. I know at times I have, but there is so much more than just the next vacation or birthday party to plan. 

This time, right now, can be a is a season of hope and anticipation. If you are living weary and tired, now is the time to regain focus on something besides what the world offers.

Advent is upon us. The definition of advent is “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.” We celebrate advent as Christmas approaches as a countdown to the day Christ was born. Now is the time to shift gears into anticipation, hope, and excitement for what’s ahead, not only for Christmas but when Jesus comes back again as He promised He would. 

As Ella would say, “His birthday is coming up!” Let’s start to celebrate!

To help us build momentum and appreciation in these last weeks of 2020, we are reading Paul Tripp’s advent book “Come, Let Us Adore Him: A Daily Advent Devotional” You can order it here. Whether you are a seasoned Christian or have yet to have a relationship with Jesus, check this book out! I think it will encourage us all in this season and spur us into joyful anticipation that will hopefully carry us far beyond December.


Melissa Cheatham