It’s My 40th Birthday

I had to make a resume this fall. It was terrifying. I hadn't written a resume in 17 years, so I started with the typical resume type things. It was pretty easy to put down on paper. Until it wasn't. After my daughter's heart failure, there was a hard stop.  I called...

The Best Time You Will Ever Spend On Amazon

You can spend your most meaningful moments Black Friday on Amazon and not spend a dime. It's true.   This fall I was wondering about when I had read a particular book that really sparked a new way of living for me. As I went back all the way to the beginning, the...

Staying Steady This Thanksgiving

The Lord is my shepherd; I lack nothing.   It doesn't mean I have everything or I am everything I need, but it means when I look to my God to take care of me, when I decide that I will follow His lead and allow myself to be tended to, then, I lack nothing.   This...

Let’s Live in Anticipation

My daughter has a month-long count down until her birthday. Literally, Every. Single. Day for a month. Last year during her birthday month, we traveled a lot. (Oh, traveling… ) Which meant we ate out many meals, and everywhere we went, she proudly told the waiter, "My...

How To Make The Most Of Your Zoom Thanksgiving

I was looking back at pictures of Thanksgiving 2019, exactly twelve months (and a lifetime) ago. Most of us had never Zoomed before, and in 2020 many of us will Zoom Thanksgiving.   How can you make the most of your Turkey Day on Zoom?  Here are some tips: Pick a time...

I Still Have To Fix My Eyes

As we look at each other’s lives through social media and blog posts, I want to let it be known:  I still have to intentionally fix my eyes on my God. I think we all will until we enter our forever home.   I still have to remind myself of the things that are true...

The Daughter of a King

My daughter’s name is Ella.  She was actually named after my great-great-great-grandmother Cinderella, crazy enough.  So my Ella has always seen her name as the same as a blond Disney Cinderella princess.  She is in the princess phase where Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel...

I Am Who He Says I Am

We are who He says we are. If we believe this to be true, it changes everything. Believing that we are fearfully and wonderfully made changes where we place our worth, how we allow ourselves to be cared for, how we react in social situations. It changes our peace, and...

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