Look For Love

Here is the truth about when I was pregnant with our first baby: I didn't feel all of the warm connections. I couldn't wrap my head around it. On the way to the hospital, where our lives were supposed to change forever, I remember saying to my husband, "I hope we like...

Schedule Praise

Psalms 113:3 - "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." What if in this season of lent, we promised to live out this verse? It's a beautiful command, and I want it to be the focus of this season for me. These...

One Thing

A few years ago, I tried to burn the house down. Seriously. I was multitasking watering plants, teaching my kiddos math, and making Easy-Mac in the microwave.  To be completely transparent, it was the Cracker Barrel brand of Easy Mac.  So it was slightly more gourmet...

The Sweet Spot of Ash Wednesday

As we approach Easter, I want to see Jesus like the characters in the old Bible stories who were climbing sycamore trees, reaching out through crowds to touch His robe, flocking to the hills to hear Him speak. Leading up to Easter, I long to see Him everywhere. I...

Love Languages Quiz

Valentine's Week can be tricky. If you're single, it can throw you onto the "Will I Ever Find Love?" train. Newer couples, you have to beat your loved one's last Valentine's Day. Married couples, the restaurants are crowded and cards are five dollars, so you end up...

Things to Celebrate in 2021!

The days are full, aren’t they? Even during a pandemic where things are canceled left and right, the multitude of things that create busyness (virtual school, zooms meetings, sports practices, etc.) can drown our days in clutter. Do you ever sit back at the end of the...

Some Things Never Change

One of the kindest gifts that God gives us is that who He is never changes.   When my husband's health got tricky this past fall, at some points, the most accurate thing I could say is, "I know God doesn't hate us." While that may sound dramatic, what I meant was, His...

Valentines Day Notes

Even though the world seems to slowly be coming out of the Pandemic, holidays for kids still seem to be weird.  Valentine's day is coming, and class parties will look different or nonexistent.  And then do you dare give your school friends candy or homemade cookies, ...

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