My mom has the best Pecan Pie recipe. It never makes it past one desert… sometimes it never even makes it to desert. So when I hosted my first Thanksgiving, I knew it would be on my menu. 

First, I had to get the recipe.  I felt as though I might have to prove my worth before it was even given to me; like it was a family secret that only the best of daughters could obtain. So a week before the “big dinner” I requested her secret recipe and her reply… “It’s on the back of the Karo Syrup bottle.” 


Total let down. The secret pie recipe was not a secret at all. The entire world had access to it!

Delusion over, and at the same time, it was relieving that maybe the secret pie might be easier than I thought.  A capable desert to make even for the first time baker.

I think that we sometimes look at things, at people, and think they have a secret recipe to make everything perfect. Have you ever looked at someone’s life and wanted the exact instructions to make your life look just like theirs? A special diet, a particular income, a unique skincare…

We want what the happiest people have, but their instruction manual is not found in skincare or diets. I think that the happiest people have a recipe for life that really is like my momma’s pecan pie recipe. It’s not a secret at all, but simple instructions perfectly laid out for anyone who wants to try it. 

I think the life guide we are looking for is laid out in words given to us by a loving God.

The Bible is full of instructions that if we followed, we would find the secret sauce. We follow directions on a recipe card with no straying. If we do, we know there is disaster ahead for whatever we are creating.

I think life is much like that. Every time we try to venture to our own set of instructions, it doesn’t turn out quite right. Marriages fail, we drown in disappointment, our relationships stumble, and our self-esteem crumbles in our own recipe for the perfect life.

Life is complicated, but the recipe for what God intended it to look like is not. It is written out in the gospels, His love story to us. Find him, learn what he offers, and follow it. 

The good news of Jesus isn’t a Christian held secret where you have to be the “perfect daughter” to have it passed down to you. It’s right there written for all to see. All-inclusive, never exclusive. All yours and never a secret.

If you need to know where to start, pick up the Bible and start reading in the book of John. Learn about what Jesus did on earth here and the life He wants to share with you. The free life where we are no longer bound by a secret set of instructions but a life where He wants to share with you the best recipe possible. HLLF – 

Melissa Cheatham