I found my mind going all different directions in the spring. As we were stuck at home and hadn’t been in school for a while, the random thought, “Maybe we should switch schools,” crossed my mindI was thinking that something needed to change to bring back to order what seemed to be so off. 

It’s a silly example, but I think our minds do this. 2020 has been a year of trauma, small losses and larger tragedies.  

When I was consulting with grieving women who had lost their husbands, one piece that seemed to be key was, “Don’t make any massive changes in the first year.”  

I think this might be important for each of us to hear right now. In a season that has caused us to grieve normalcy, this is the time to stay.  

A giant change in my kids’ school back in the spring wasn’t going to bring peace and regularity to our lives. This year has been chaotic, and it had nothing to do with the school. As life crept back towards normal, I was so grateful we stayed.

So I guess my message for us would be, “Stay.”  

  • Stay with your church.
  • Stay with your school.
  • Stick with your family.

Take this opportunity and choose to stay. When life feels uncertain, lean in closer to God. Let the change that you make be your reliance on Him. Rely more deeply. Communicate more frequently. And for now, stay.  

God will tell you what to do when the time is right, but in the meantime, let Him tend to your heart. Whether you realize it fully or not, we are each mourning normalcy, and in this time of mourning, give life some time to even out before you turn it upside down.  


Kirstin Ricketts