God is growing gratefulness in my heart for what is in front of me, even when things a little further out seem to be in turmoil.  

Although there is uncertainty on the horizon, the things right in this moment are okay. It gives me the opportunity to keep my eyes set on my God and my mind present.  

As I picked up the kids from school, even with the election, the pandemic, and our own personal difficulties, as they are wrestling in the grass and joking with their friends, yes there is uncertainty on the horizon, but things in this present moment are okay.     

The trees gleam and hold onto their last leaves. They aren’t worried about the winter to come.  I would want my heart to be the same. Firmly planted and strong.

When uncertainty looms it gives us the opportunity to bring God close. We can ask Him, “God what do You have for me in this moment? What is Your assignment for me today?”

The uncertainty allows us not to get ahead of Him and to live fully alive in this present moment.  

So as uncertainty looms, let’s keep our eyes focused on today. Let’s find rest in the moments right before us and not get too far ahead. We can rest because as His precious children, we lack nothing. God will supply all we need as we trust Him. I believe it for me, and I believe it for you too.  


Kirstin Ricketts